Office expenses for a self-employed worker

To determine the price of his services, the self-employed worker must estimate the cost of his office. All self-employed workers must offer their services in a physical location and must travel to meet clients or potential customers.

Depending on the nature of its activities, there are the following situations:

    Fixed Office (eg accounting office, lawyer, psychologist, etc.);
    Shared office (clinic with medicine, psychologist, pharmacist, etc.);
    Coworking office (marketing consultant, computer startup, incubator, accelerator, etc.);
    Virtual office;
    Home office (translator, graphic designer, etc.);
    No office (working at the customer or on the road).

The choice of office type is determined by business needs such as confidentiality, resource sharing, frequency of meetings, number of clients and resources required to produce services. For example, it is unlikely to have a dentist working at the client’s office, a psychologist in coworking open areas or a home-based doctor.

In order to properly estimate the costs, it is important to understand the nature of the self-employed worker, because the expression of the self-employed is confusing. It should be called a sole proprietorship or a professional service business because the income of the self-employed comes from a client and not from an employer. In addition, he must be in constant search of customers and he must wear all the hats of a company such as business development, production of services, accounting, human resources, research and development, innovation , customer service, management, etc.

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